Oh HELLO there!

I’m so happy that you’ve finally found your way to my site! I’m sure it was quite the journey, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the art.

My name is Salena, Graphic/Web Designer, Digital Illustrator, and ruler of SalenaMahina land, where the art is plenty and ever-growing.

As you browse through my site, you will see many examples of my work, including logo, package, branding, promotional, and web design, along with a growing number of digital illustrations and 3D models. While I aim to keep my design work focused on the product and the audience, you will notice that many of my other projects and illustrations are geared toward more younger audiences and heavily influenced by animation, life, food, and nostalgia.

My clients include:

  • The Kulfi Co.
  • Vooda
  • Fabpuplously Chic Pet Boutique
  • The Diamond Club
  • Lokilani Butter

I have worked with/for the following companies:

  • Marvel Entertainment
  • The Wall: Indoor Climbing Facility
  • Hey Kids!/Highlights Magazine

Design Services

    Brand Identity Design (Logo, business card, letterhead, etc.)
    Brochure Design
    Illustration (Digital & Traditional)
    Package Design
    Promotional Material Design
    Web Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Content Management Sites (Wordpress)
  • Responsive Web Design